For those who are unsure of their dreams and goals in life

How to Live a Happy Life

For those who are unsure of their dreams and goals in life

Do you have any dreams or goals in life?

Some of you may think that dreams, goals, and ideals are just pretty words and you don’t feel the need to focus on them.

Some people may think that life is a competition to see how they can be happier than others.

Do you feel that the happier other people are, the more unhappy you become?

What such people tend to think is as follows. They think that the absolute amount of happiness is limited, and the happier other people are, the less happiness they get, and the less chance they have to be happy.

And then they feel like they are the only one left behind, and they become boring, and they envy those who are happy, and when this becomes too much, it becomes resentment and envy, and they attack those people as if they are their own enemies.

But the truth is different. The person who is happy is the future you. That’s who you will be in the future, and that’s who you will become one day.

Happiness is not about fighting over a piece of cake

There is no such thing as being unhappy because someone else is happy.

Happiness is not a battle for a piece of cake. It’s not like there is a round cake and the first one to eat it is the one who gets it.

In other words, there is an infinite number of cakes. It’s not something that disappears when someone else takes it and eats it.

A critical misconception of people who think no one will make me happy

This time, however, no one brings him or her a cake. He or she feels like, “I should have my own cake, but no one cares about me and brings me cake. No one makes me happy. I’m working so hard, why is that?”

What do you think is the critical misconception there? It is the belief that happiness is something that others bring to us.

Happiness is not something that other people give to you, but something that comes back to you when you live your life for the happiness of others.

What are some of the times in your life when you have felt happy?

You may have felt happy when your efforts were rewarded, when you achieved your goals, or when someone gave you something. But more than that, there must have been times when your heart was warmed and you felt happy. That is when you did something for the happiness of others.

Helping a person in need. Giving up your seat on the train to someone. Helping someone who lost something on the street. We are made to feel happy when we are able to be of service to others.

It is because the heart to feel this way is embedded in us as children of God.

What you do for the happiness of others will always come back to you

What you do for the happiness of others will one day come back to you.

This is the law of the universe, and there are no exceptions. It is God’s will that we try to be of service and help to many people.

Some of you may think that there was no one who could have done anything for you. However, it may be that you have just forgotten or are not aware of it.

There are always people who have been there for you, be it your family, your friends, or more importantly, people who have watched over you and nurtured you in ways that we cannot see. You have never lived this long alone, have you?

Now that you have realized this, it is time to turn that realization into gratitude and use what you have received from those people for the happiness of others. Happiness is a cycle, and when we make the joy of others our joy, our power will overflow.

And it is not only the other person who becomes happy, but also yourself.

In the direction of altruism, not egoism

Our dreams and goals in life should never be set in the direction of egoism or selfishness, but rather in the direction of being of service and help to many people.

When we devote our time to this, our lives as children of God will shine brightly.