Individuality of the Soul Shines

Individuality of the Soul

Human personality is the personality of the soul

Human individuality is the individuality of each soul.

It is said that in the seven colors of God’s light, the soul often has several colors as its individuality.

However, it is not easy to know what kind of individuality you have.

How do you think you can learn to recognize your soul’s individuality?

It is possible to know it through the practice of love.

Every soul is given a unique personality

I know it is common to compare your superiority to those around you, but there is no need to compare the individuality of your soul to others.

This is because every soul is unique, and no one has the same personality in this great universe.

Everyone is irreplaceable.
It does not mean that one is better or inferior than another person, but rather that the individuality of the soul is unique to that person, and without that person, the one piece of the macrocosm would be missing.

The macrocosm can be compared to a jigsaw puzzle.All of God’s children are one piece that cannot be missing as part of God.

All of these pieces are connected and we exist as a manifestation of the collective consciousness of Om, the God of the universe.

Continue to practice love with selflessness

It is important to continue practicing love with selflessness in order to become aware of your soul’s individuality.

You have to follow your heart’s voice and go with it. When you do this, you are often naturally moving in a direction that makes use of your individuality.

Your guardian spirit can also guide you with inspiration.

The individuality of the soul shines brightest when it utilizes itself for the happiness of others, not the thoughts of the ego.

There are as many paths to God as there are personalities

No matter what the individuality, all are precious as children of God, and there is no one in this universe who is not needed.

As many of those personalities as there are individuals, there is a path to God.

Getting closer to God does not mean becoming impersonal, but rather becoming clearer in your own individuality, which is created as a child of God.