Open The Door Of Your Heart And Meet God


Human Beings Are Connected to God Through Their Hearts

Some people think, “I’ve never seen God, and I don’t even know if He exists or not.” However, God is not somewhere far away or in the sky, but inside each one of us. Each one of us has to meet Him in our own heart.

In fact, there is no one in this Universe who does not have a connection with God. There is no one in the Universe who does not have a relationship with God.

There is a door to God in our hearts. Through our hearts, we all have a direct connection to God. By opening the door of our heart, we can meet God and feel what He is thinking. Then, while thinking about what God desires for us, we repeatedly ask ourselves what kind of personality and role we were born with in this universe, and we return to our original self as a part of God.

God never tells us to do this or that, or forces us to do that. He simply watches over us warmly without saying a word, and without asking for anything in return, He keeps alive and nurtures all of God’s children in this Universe.

Open The Door Of Your Heart And The Universe Will Be There

God is the energy of love that fills this Universe. Each one of us has been given a share of that energy of love and exists as a part of God.

If you open the door to your inner heart, you will find the Universe. There is an overwhelming energy of God’s love and harmony, and you will feel that you are a part of it. It’s not just you alone, but everyone else is given a role that only they can play. It is a sense of unity that we are all connected as one.

In this way, we can develop a sense of service to the whole, to be of service in whatever way we can, in tune with the heart and love of God.

Connected to the divine consciousness of the Universe, and aware of our own position, we work for the evolution and development of the Universe as a whole by showing the individuality we have been given. This is what our seniors who are walking ahead of us in the Universe look like.

Each Of Us Is God’s Temple, God’s Shrine

Encounters with the divine are very personal, and each individual has to open the door to his or her own heart.

There are shrines, temples, and other places where gods are enshrined. We might regain a sense of sacredness in such places, but in terms of encountering God, each of us is really a temple of God, a shrine of God itself.

Instead of worshipping outwardly, if we go inside our own hearts, we will find the way to God. The realization that, “Oh, I was already a part of God, even though I didn’t realize it before.” Then there is the joy and relief of knowing that we are not meaningless beings thrown out into the universe in pieces, but that we exist because we are needed. That is the happiness of existence.

In this way, I believe that each of us can encounter God through our own heart, feel the connection with God, and return to our original state of love.