Toward A World Built On Exchanges Of Love And Gratitude, Not Money And Ego

Practice of Love

I saw a video on YouTube of children sharing a loaf of bread.

Both the child giving the bread and the child receiving it looked happy and smiling.

Perhaps we forget the joy of sharing when we grow up.

Whether it is food or drink, as long as we have enough to live on, we share the rest with others who don’t have enough and don’t hold on to extra.

Perhaps we adults should remember the joy of sharing by following the example of children who share a loaf of bread and feel happy together, rather than antagonizing anyone to protect it.

Love is sharing.

On stars more advanced than Earth, the necessities of life are provided free of charge, without payment.

Love and gratitude, not money, is exchanged between the giver and receiver. Sharing is the norm in that world.

On the Earth where we live, we can live happily enough if the people in need in that area share what they need with each other with love.

We, too, would like to realize a world of sharing based on love on our planet.