How to Be Happy

Practice of Love

The way to be happy is to practice love

What do you think you need to do to be happy? It’s about “practicing love” for the happiness of others.

There is a “Law of Cause and Effect” that says what you do comes back to you. If you make others happy, that happiness will come back to you.

The practice of love may seem difficult, but it’s not difficult at all. Do what you can to make others happy. That is the practice of love.

For example, greet your neighbors with a smile when you see them. Pick up any trash that has fallen out and throw it away. If someone is in need, you will help them. In this way, there are many things we can do for the happiness of other people.

But even if you force yourself to do it because the practice of love is important, it won’t last long. If you don’t get these thoughts from inside yourself, your motivation will eventually go down, and you will eventually quit thinking, “What’s the point of this?”

You can’t serve anyone if you don’t know yourself

I think there are a few steps that need to be taken to practice love.

First, you have to know yourself and create yourself. What is it that you are good at? In what ways can we help people? If you don’t know yourself, you can’t serve others.

Also, for example, it’s hard for someone who is at the bottom of their misery to want to make other people happy. I think it’s a feeling that I can’t afford to be concerned about other people. If you’re too busy taking care of yourself, it means you haven’t created yourself yet.

In order to get to know yourself, reflection is also important. If you’re alive, you’re going to make a lot of mistakes. At that time, what is the cause of the failure? And to find out how to fix it, even improve it, is true reflection.

Gratitude leads to the practice of love

There is one more thing that is needed for the practice of love. It’s called “gratitude”.

Where does this gratitude come from? It comes from realizing that so much has already been given to you. Most of the time, we tend to complain, don’t we? “I’m not blessed at all.” “I wondered why I was in such a bad situation when other people were so fortunate.”

It’s all about how much we are given in our current state. They are just not aware of it.

For example, there are people who grow the rice, there are people who transport it, there are people who sell it in stores, and many other people who make it possible to eat rice at every meal.

When you can feel gratitude for such things, you now want to return the favor. That desire to return the favor leads to the practice of love. “I’ve been given so much, I want to do something for someone else.”That’s the kind of mindset that comes through.

So, I think it’s very important to discover how we are given.

From the Practice of Love to the Cycle of Happiness

Happiness doesn’t come without sweat. It’s about knowing yourself and realizing how much you have been given.

From that gratitude comes the practice of love, and happiness goes in cycles.