The Guardian Spirit – The Other You Yourself, Protecting, Inspiring And Guiding Those Who Live In This World

Children of God

Life With A Guardian Spirit

Invisible spirit that is closest to you in your daily life and understands, protects, guides, and supports you the most.

They are called “Guardian Spirits”.

Since they are invisible to our physical eyes, most of us are unaware of their existence. In fact, however, we all walk through life in this world together with our guardian spirits.

The Role Of Protecting, Inspiring, And Guiding Those Living On the Ground

A guardian spirit is a spiritual entity that protects, inspires, and guides a person in this life to lead a good life.

Each person has a guardian spirit, and there is no one who does not have a guardian spirit.

We are unknowingly protected and guided by our guardian spirits as we go through life.

However, we do not live our lives like puppets at the mercy of our guardian spirits.

What they think, what kind of decisions they make, and how they act in this life is respected to the fullest extent of their own free will. Even if it is a guardian spirit, it cannot be forced to do so.

A guardian spirit supports the person from the side so that he or she can live a good life as a child of God, and helps in ways that the person is unaware of.

The Earthly World Where Hellish Thoughts Also Swirl

We are born to train our souls. The soul grows through various life experiences in this world.

It would be nice if this world were a world filled with love and everyone could live naturally expressing love as a child of God. Unfortunately, however, the ground today is not heaven, but a place where hellish thoughts, which are the opposite of love, are also swirling around.

It is an undeniable fact that there are spirits on Earth today who are trying to disrupt the ground and lead people in a direction opposite to love.

There is a so-called “hell” in the afterlife. This earthly world is also greatly influenced by the hell spirits there.

The Human Heart Can Go To Heaven Or Hell

The hell world is not a fiction, but a dark and cold world that is invisible to our eyes but actually exists in the other world.

Hell spirits approach people on the ground who have dark thoughts and absorb the energy of their evil thoughts and use it as their own energy.

The needle in the heart of a person living in this world spins round and round at all hours of the day. There is a world to which they are connected according to their thoughts. In Buddhism, this is also called “one thought, three thousand. At that moment, if you have a heavenly mind, it will lead you to heaven, and if you have a hellish mind, it will lead you to hell.

When a person is emitting hellish thoughts, the hellish spirits will smell them and creep up to that person, as if drawn to him or her.

They work to amplify the dark energy, whisper in the ear (but cannot be heard), and so on, taking the energy away from the person.

What we think in our hearts is a freedom guaranteed to those who live on the ground. However, there is an invisible world that is connected to the destination of our thoughts, and we live our lives under the influence of this invisible world.

Protecting People On The Ground From Hell Spirits

This is how important it is to control the mind. The guardian spirit guides the person by sending inspiration in the form of a passing thought or idea so that the person does not go in the wrong direction.

Among the spirits in the hell world, there are those who actively lead the ground in evil directions with malicious intent, confusing people and filling them with resentment, envy, anger, hostility, ego, and other thoughts that are far removed from love and harmony.

Such spirits are called “evil spirits” or “demons. Because of the growing influence of such spirits on the ground, each of us has a guardian spirit to protect us from them.

To Receive Inspiration From Your Guardian Spirit

What people think and how they act in this world is their own free will. No one can force them to do anything.

It is up to the individual to choose to live a life full of love or to choose the path of evil.

We are children of God and children of love. We are good by nature, and we all exist to express love. Your guardian spirit is always there to support you so that you can live your true life as a child of God.

However, if the person who is living does not have a heart that is in sync with the guardian spirit, he or she will not be able to receive that support or inspiration, no matter how much the guardian spirit wants to help.

In order to be able to receive inspiration from the guardian spirit easily, it is important not to forget to check our own hearts to see if we are maintaining a heart of love and gratitude on a daily basis.

The Relationship Between The Person On The Ground And The Guardian Spirit

What is the relationship between the person on the ground and his/her guardian spirit?

As it turns out, the guardian spirit is the part of the person’s soul that remains in the heavenly world.

When a person is born into this world, not all of his or her soul inhabits the body. Part of the soul enters the body, and the rest remains in the other world.

There are several cases. For example, there is a case in which a group is made up of five alter egos from one main soul.

In that case, each of them is born into this world in turn to train their souls. The six are also referred to as “soul brothers”.

When one of the six is born in this world, the other five cannot be born. In that case, one of the soul brothers in the other world serves as the guardian spirit of the one living on the ground.

The life experiences and learning of souls born on the ground are shared with their soul brothers. The soul can learn efficiently by reincarnating in turn.

In addition, when the amount of energy of the soul is large, for example, it is not limited to five alter egos, but can be divided into many more alter egos.

In such cases, a small part of the larger energy is born into this world in the physical body. Then, when the soul returns to the other world, it remains unified in the energy as one individuality and one memory of the time when it was born on the ground.

A “Thank You” To Your Guardian Spirit

Even if one does not believe in invisible spiritual things, there is not a single person who is not supported by a guardian spirit during his or her life.

A guardian spirit, no matter how often it is a fruitless effort, continues to work in various ways and send inspiration to you.

In this way, it is the guardian spirit that walks hand in hand with the person living on the ground.

When we realize this, we can be grateful to our own guardian spirits. It might be a good idea to occasionally think to yourself, “Thank you, my guardian spirit, for always being there for me.”

Your gratitude will surely reach your guardian spirit, which is always by your side.