The Age of Spiritual Awakening

Children of God

We are all subconsciously connected as one

We may seem to live in different ways, but subconsciously we are all connected as one.

Even though we may seem to have different ideas, etc., when a certain number of people see beyond the times and have a common understanding, other people’s perceptions can change like dominoes falling.

In each person’s inner universe, everyone is bound together.

People who have the awareness to see ahead of the age

This is a time of spiritual awakening, and some of us may still not believe in things we cannot see.

However, a new era has always been opened up by some people with the power of foresight, even though it may seem contrary to social norms.

The same can be said of Ryoma Sakamoto and others who succeeded in the Meiji Restoration. He risked his life for the future of Japan and ushered in a new era. Many people at that time must have thought that the Edo shogunate would continue forever, and this must have been considered common sense.

However, like Ryoma and others, they thought “Japan can’t continue as it is, or else Japan will fall behind, and we have to look at the world” has changed a country. Even for a small number of people, a new era can be ushered in by those who have that kind of awareness of the times.

The Age of Global Spiritual Awakening

The coming era will be an era in which spiritual values will be taken for granted, and each person will become aware of themselves as children of God, and will be spiritually awakened.

This will not only happen in Japan, but people all over the world will be connected through the network and a global awakening will occur. It will be a global revolution on a larger scale than the Meiji Restoration.

Through it, the Earth will be united and become a planet of love. As a planet opened to the universe, a new era will begin.