Discovering the Real Meaning of the Food Chain

Children of God

Love is the way we live with each other

When we talk about what love is, among the many aspects and depths of love that cannot be described in a single word, I would venture to say that one of them is the way we live with each other.

The word “food chain” immediately comes to mind when we think of “keeping each other alive”, doesn’t it?

In nature, the food chain is the interconnection between plants and animals as they eat and are eaten. Plants are eaten by herbivores and herbivores are eaten by carnivores, and this is how physical life is maintained.

A chain of energy that keeps each other’s lives alive

For example, in the ocean, algae and seaweed use sunlight to produce carbohydrates and oxygen through photosynthesis, which are then eaten by zooplankton such as daphnia. Then small fish like sardines and other small fish eat it and grow up, and then larger fish like tuna and bonito eat it. When those tuna and bonito die, their bodies become food for microorganisms.

Even the tuna and bonito we eat on a daily basis have sardines, daphnia, seaweed and algae life behind them, and it’s because of their presence that we are able to eat them.

Scientist G. Tyler Miller says that it takes 300 trout for a person to live for a year, and those trout need 90,000 frogs, and those frogs need 27 million grasshoppers, and those grasshoppers need to eat 1000 tons of grass to survive.

It’s a chain of energy flows that keep life alive for each other.

Every living being is kept alive by other lives

If we trace it further back, it is the sun’s energy that keeps the plants alive. It takes the sun’s energy and converts it into another form of energy that keeps other living things alive.

The sun’s energy also heats up seawater and the ground, causing water to evaporate. The water vapor then becomes clouds and rain that falls on the ground, and water is circulating.

The way they are living together is the very essence of love. If you don’t know what love is, then you need only remember this food chain. Every living thing is providing its own energy for the sake of another life. Human beings are exactly as the saying goes: we cannot live alone.

We humans are part of the natural world and all plants and animals coexist together.

The fires are coming down on the people themselves, who are out of balance with the natural world

If we do things that are selfish and selfish because of our ego, the result will be that we will have to pay the consequences back in a big way. The sparks will fall on those who have lost the balance of harmony.

When we realize that we are all interdependent beings, the answer to how we should live our lives as human beings will come to us.

The energy of God’s love flows through every being

Already, love is also manifested through nature. Who it is from is the God of the universe itself.

As such, love flows through all beings in a chain of energy that keeps each other alive.

I believe that God loves all His children, and He keeps all of them alive and nurtures them by thinking, “My children, live in love with one another.” There is not a single person who is not loved by God.