The Energy Of Great Harmony


Harmony Created By Mother Nature

One of the most important things in my own life is “harmony”. Even as a personality of my own soul, I think I have a very strong tinge of harmony.

What immediately comes to mind when you hear the word “harmony”? There may be many things that come to mind for each person, but what immediately comes to mind is Mother Nature.

There is probably nothing more harmonious than Mother Nature. The overwhelming calmness of its majestic green trees. And the unwavering appearance of life that has remained unchanged over a long period of time. The way it nurtures and embraces the many animals and plants in it.

Many people feel a sense of relief and a sense of being surrounded by something big when they enter the great nature. You might say that it is a feeling of being accepted as one’s true self as one is. Others may feel a sense of calmness or a sense of being refreshed.

I think that this is the feeling one gets from taking into one’s body the energy of harmony that is created and emitted by Mother Nature.

Mother Nature Is A Manifestation Of God’s Will

It is said that Mother Nature is a manifestation of God’s will, and this is truly true. There is no discrimination or judgment there, but simply embraces everything with its majestic appearance. I believe that this very appearance embodies God’s thoughts.

In this sense, I think we have much to learn from nature. The way it accepts everything with its overwhelming receptivity. The way it embraces everything as if it were its own child.

In other words, it respects the existence of all things without denying their existence. This is one form of harmony.

Harmony Comes From A Cycle Of Repetition

One thing we can learn from nature is that it is circulating. For example, there is the way forests and mountains change with the seasons. In the spring season, fresh greenery sprouts and becomes very lively in the soft sunlight. In summer, we can feel the strong vitality of the greenery. In autumn, the leaves gradually turn red and shed their leaves for the winter. Then, during the cold winter months, they store up nutrients, wait for spring, and sprout new leaves again.

In such a cycle throughout the year, nature repeats the same thing without rushing or complaining. In the process of this repetition, it continues to be without getting tired of it, receiving new trees, changes in the environment, and so on.

Herein lies the secret of the harmony that nature is creating. In short, it is in repetition that harmony is created. Harmony is born in cycles.

The same is true of the harmony in our lives, which is born out of the seemingly unchanging repetition of our days. There are times to grow, times to reap the fruits of our labor, times to endure, times to save energy, and times to live without wavering, no matter what the time of year may be. It is this attitude that will bring harmony to our lives.

Restoring Harmony Of Mind In Nature

Harmony, in a nutshell, is a state of balance.

In our daily lives, we may feel upset, frustrated, or depressed, but in such cases, our minds are often out of balance and inharmonious. At times, we may be driven by thoughts of blaming someone else, or our hearts may swirl with complaints, but by nature, our hearts are round and shining.

When the roundness and brightness of the heart is lost, it is in a state of disharmony. One way to bring it back to its original state is to inspect and adjust the mind by oneself, and another way is to enter the great nature and take the energy of harmony into one’s body.

I myself try to regularly go to the greenery of nature to receive energy.

Harmony Is The Providence Of The Universe

Harmony is the providence of the Universe and the will of the God of the Universe. God embraces everything that exists in the Universe with unconditional love and hopes that each of God’s children will live in love with each other.

Even though each of us is different in many ways, harmony is created when we recognize and accept our differences together. The lives of others are God’s lives and manifestations of God. Even if there are differences between oneself and another, a part of God is being manifested through that person.

If there is a feeling of discrimination, then this is far from harmony. Without respect for the values of others and a willingness to live hand in hand, there can be no harmony.

Know the greatness of others and know your own greatness as well. Not only others, but ourselves as well, are part of God and equally precious.