The Truth About the Space Union


What is the Space Union?

Now, while there is a United Nations on Earth, there is a “Space Union” in the universe that is made up of planets that have evolved to some degree.

The Space Union is basically a network of post-ascension planets, a network of planets that are full of love and harmony.

Representatives from each of these planets meet and meet to decide on various things.

In the not-too-distant future, when the Earth also makes its ascension, it will become a part of it.

The Space Union can decide on things like migration to a planet

There is one person who is representing this solar system at a meeting of the Space Union. That is a ninth dimensional spirit called El-Ranty.

He is a great leader who once came to Earth from a planet called Be-Elda with 60 million people. He is still guiding us human beings as the ninth-dimensional spirit of Earth.

As a matter of fact, the emigrants to Earth and other things are also done by the arrangement of the Space Union.

The aliens who belong to the Space Union are not allowed to enter undeveloped planets as they please.

The evolution of a planet must be carried out by its inhabitants. They are not allowed to interfere too much from the outside, so they actually have to watch over the planet warmly.

People from the pre-ascension planets are not allowed to leave for other planets

On the contrary, people from the pre-ascension planets are not allowed to go out to other planets, as is the case with the present Earth.

The Earth is still at a grade school level in the universe.

If we earthlings become more cognizant and can ascend from now on, we will eventually be able to leave the Earth to help and contribute to the evolution of people on other planets.

No planet with a hellish world can join the Space Union

There is still an actual hell world on Earth. On a planet with a hell world, you cannot join the Space Union.

If more and more people realize that it is real pleasure to make others happy instead of hurting and tormenting them, the hell world will naturally disappear.

Because the hell world works by using the evil thoughts of people on the Earth as energy.

If people living on earth live with thoughts of love instead of thoughts of ego, there will be no energy supplied to the hell world, and in a sense, it will wither away.

Therefore, the most important thing is for each of us to know the divine principle, increase our awareness, and live with the thought of love.

That’s what will help dissolve the hell world, and that’s what will give the Earth the power to ascend.