Learning Is The Search For God’s Wisdom

Children of God

The Age Of Intelligence

The modern age is sometimes referred to as the “age of intellect,” and “knowledge” is often touted. However, there may be a lot of knowledge in this earthly world that has been created by human beings on their own.

What is true knowledge? It is not something that humans create on their own, but something that flows from God. The wisdom of God is called original knowledge.

What we know as mere superficial knowledge or wisdom is not the original knowledge. Knowledge apart from God is not original knowledge.

Learning Without God Is Not Real Learning

The original form of learning is the form in which God’s wisdom flows and is the foundation. If it is a study that denies God and is without God, it cannot be called a study in the true sense of the word.

There are many things that are called “learning,” even though they are called academics. Literature, economics, psychology, political science, philosophy, biology, medicine, physics, and so on. This is the only way to rationally recognize the truth of the Universe, this world, and us, the children of God, that God created.

No study, no matter what the study, can be complete without the existence of God. Seeking and searching for God’s wisdom is what learning is really about.

A Source Of Learning Dating Back To The Ancient Greeks

It is said that our current study can be traced back to the ancient Greeks. It has its origin in what Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle, as true wise men, passed down at that time.

In every age, there are spots that create spiritual heights. It was in Greece at that time that the path to God was created through knowledge, and the origin of learning was established.

Socrates went around saying that we humans are small compared to the great God and that no matter how knowledgeable we think we are, we really do not know anything.

What kind of being is God? What kind of being are we human beings? Without knowing these things, we cannot say that we are truly knowledgeable. Even if you know various things as knowledge, you cannot be said to be a true wise person if you are drowning in them and playing around with them.

A true wise person is one who, in the recognition that he or she is a child of God, connects to the overwhelming wisdom of God with deep faith, draws on it, and is able to speak about it. As God’s children, we are part of God, and if we identify with God’s thoughts, we can connect to God’s wisdom as much as possible and use it for the happiness of many people.

Knowledge Exists To Serve Love

In this age of intelligence, I think we need to reiterate that intelligence is there to serve love.

It is not that we are great because we have a lot of difficult knowledge, nor is it that difficult things that only a few people can understand are of high value.

If we are playing around with difficult knowledge and keeping it to ourselves, it will not be useful for the happiness of many people, and it will not be useful for love. Knowledge is meant to be useful for love, to be used to make more people happy.

In this sense, we might say that intelligence is to be used as an endorsement to testify to love, and to support love from the side. If we do not make use of the intellect with love, it will be a cold intellect without love, and will not be truly alive.

The Most Fundamental Standpoints

Since we exist as part of love, as children of God, separated from God, the energy of love that fills the universe, the existence of God is the most fundamental standpoint. I believe that what develops from this is the original form of learning. Faith is inseparable from it.