Graduating from Racism

Children of God

Why Racism Happens

I saw a news report about a video of a high school teacher in California making a discriminatory gesture against Asians, which has become a problem.

The U.S. is a nation of immigrants and multi-racial people, and discrimination, especially on the basis of race, probably still persists in some parts of the country.

Why does such racism manifest itself in such a way?

It is only because we do not know the truth.

We are all children of God, brothers and sisters, even though we may be of different races and skin colors.

The difference is our “individuality”. It is because we have different personalities that we are able to cooperate with each other and do more wonderful things.

It makes no sense for children of God to discriminate and exclude each other.

It is against the way of being a child of God to create superiority or inferiority based on physical differences or to attack each other.

We are children of God, separated from our parent, God, the source of the Universe.

There is an energy of love that is common to all children of God.

Once we realize this, we will see that deep inside we are all brothers and sisters who are connected as one.

Isn’t it time for us to realize this truth instead of fighting each other?

Let’s live hand in hand, recognizing each other’s differences as individuality, and not just as pretty words.