Memories of a Past Life


If we have memories of a previous life, will this life be more advantageous?

Question: Is it more advantageous to live in this life if I remember my past lives? It seems to me that if I remember them, I will be more likely to succeed in this life, don’t you think?

Answer: Not really. Rather, we learn more as souls if we blank out our past lives and live from scratch. This is because if you are pulled back by the memories of your previous and past lives, you will not be able to learn anything new. It does not lead to soul growth.

This is the reason why we are born into this world after forgetting all our memories. If we remember, we will not be able to practice our soul. It’s like taking a test while cheating. If we do that, we will never truly develop our soul power, and our soul capacity will never expand.

The purpose of life is not to be successful. Of course, it is wonderful to be successful. However, there are many lessons to be learned from failure. The purpose of life is for each soul to grow and evolve, creating love and harmony in this world. This will also lead to the evolution and harmony of the entire universe.

There are many people who have no memory of their past lives, but still live a shining life as a child of God. When we return to the afterlife, we will remember all of our memories, so I think it is important to save them for afterlife and live out this life to the fullest and with love.