Individuality Comes from the Soul

How to Live a Happy Life

To find and cherish who you are

How can we take care of our own identity? We do not live alone, and we need to make the most of our uniqueness in our relationships with the people around us.

Breaking harmony is not the same as valuing your own style. However, if you only care about what the people around you think of you, you will feel suffocated, and most importantly, you will not feel happy. I think it is desirable to make the most of one’s own good qualities and be able to cooperate with those around you.

A person’s individuality is the individuality of his or her soul. Rather than the individuality being created in life, it is an embedded role that can only be played by the soul in the first place. Self-identity is the individuality of the soul.

In order to live with that individuality, you have to be aware of it yourself. Of course, we live with the unconscious expression of our individuality as our soul, but by recognizing it clearly, we can become ourselves more clearly.

For example, if you are an artist’s soul, you will be attracted to art, and you will probably feel a sense of purpose in creating works of art.

Some will be the leader type who leads people. Some people may also be stoic and seek divine truth and find joy in mastering the path of the divine principle.

Human beings are often naturally inclined in that direction by the individuality of their soul. So, in a sense, you could say that we value our intuition. It’s about valuing your intuition in order to make the most of your personality.