Step Up to the Star of Love


A time when the Earth is stepping up to be the planet of love

The way forward for the Earth we live on now is to become a planet filled with love. We must create an era in which all the conflicts and hurts we have suffered in the past will melt away in love, and we will become one in love.

Every person living on Earth today, without exception, is a child of God, a brother or sister. All people living in the world are God’s children living on the same planet, and we are all friends who hold each other’s hands and help each other.

The people who are excluded because of their national borders are also children of the same God, and they are not enemies who are fighting each other. Borders do not originally exist on Earth; they are just something we draw by ourselves.

We must break down those barriers, and eventually, instead of being confined to the narrow confines of a national unit, a kind of world government will be created, and we will come together as one global people that transcends national boundaries.

When the Earth becomes a loving planet, there will be no more poverty or starvation

When the Earth becomes a loving planet, there will be no one there to suffer from poverty and other problems. Because it would be natural to share what we have in surplus with each other.

Why are there people all over the world who are suffering from hunger nowadays? It is not that there is not enough food on the planet today. It’s just that some people have a monopoly on food, so there is a shortage elsewhere. We have forgotten how to share with each other and are driven by the ego that it’s all good for us.

What kind of being were we originally? Essentially, what kind of life is the original way of being a human child of God? Is the way we are really supposed to live in exclusion of each other and lack of compassion for others? It should never be so. The time has come for each of us to realize this.

If you realize the spiritual truth and change into a heart of love, your physical body will change as well

In the depths of our hearts, we have stored up a lot of experiences from our past lives, and the series of thoughts and actions that we have chosen to do in the past have shaped the person we are today.

When we realize that spiritual truth, when our hearts are transformed into hearts of love, then the Earth will truly become a planet filled with love.

When such a time comes, all the excesses except for love from the heart will disappear and the wavelength of our thoughts will become exquisite. Then our bodies will become lighter. The body we are now clad in is like a very hard shell, but it will become lighter.

In the not-too-distant future, aliens will be able to teach us about advanced science and technology

Many UFOs are appearing now, and this is not a coincidence. This is no coincidence, because aliens are watching over the course of the Earth.

In the not too distant future, previously invisible aliens will start to show themselves clearly and teach us about advanced science and technology. To them, Earth’s current technology is at a grade school level.

Once we have learned that kind of science and technology from the aliens, we will be able to leave the Earth and go to help other planets evolve, and we will be able to help people on other planets evolve. Now it will be our turn to reach out to people on other planets.

The awakening of each person’s spirituality steps up the Earth

Such is the stage of growth of the Earth today, and our stage of living on it.

It is each of us who will make the Earth a planet of love. Each one of us will be spiritually awakened and awakened to love. This will spread to the globe and allow this Earth to rise to the next step. We are in the midst of such a time, a time of great transition.