To Those Who Are Having A Hard Time And Suffering From Infertility

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To Those Who Are Having A Hard Time And Suffering From Infertility

We are born with a plan for how we will live this life. The same is true for whether or not we will have children, which we decide for ourselves.

There are many people who are troubled and distressed by their inability to have children, but this inability to have children has its own meaning and is a deep lesson for us as souls.

For example, some people may have despised children in their past lives and have chosen to live in a body where they cannot have children in order to learn how grateful they are to have children. Some people choose not to have children in order to devote their lives to work instead of raising children.

We don’t usually remember that we are born with such a choice. That’s why some women suffer from the problem of not being able to have children, go through fertility treatments, and if they go too far, they think they have a defect. But the truth is different.

There is no need to worry or obsess over the fact that you cannot have children. This is because you have chosen this kind of life for yourself. No matter what people say about you, your life is your own, and only what is necessary for your soul to learn can happen in your life.

If that is the case, then the situation of not being able to have children is necessary for you. It means that your soul was born with the desire to do so.

If you look at life from such a spiritual perspective, there is really no need to be troubled by infertility. There is no need to suffer because you cannot have a child. When you can, it will come naturally. And when you can’t, it has its own meaning.

The true meaning and reason for this will not be known until after we return to the other world. However, I believe that trying to accept life as it is, as it is happening to you right now, will reduce your suffering. This is because, again, it is a necessary experience for your soul.

Infertility is not a human defect, nor is it a bad thing.