Proof Of God’s Children

Children of God

Proof Of God’s Children

Physically, we have fathers and mothers, and there is a blood connection between parents and children. However, in the connection of our souls, we are all connected to God, and there is no one who is not a child of God.

God is the energy of love that created this great Universe. The children of God are the ones who are sharing that energy of love one by one.

It is not only human beings, but also the stars, animals, and plants. The same energy of love as God is flowing inside of them, and everything is connected by that energy.

For example, think of your daily life. When you love someone, or are loved by someone, or do something for someone else, you feel warmth in your heart. I often think that the warmth we feel in our hearts is proof that the energy of love is flowing in us.

The proof that we are children of God is not outside, but inside. Inside, all of God’s children are connected to one another.

Being a child of God means that we exist as a part of God, and that all of our existence is permeated with the energy of love.