The Explosion of the Planet Maldeck


One planet once existed between Mars and Jupiter

There is something called the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter.

There was once a planet called Maldeck, which, like Earth, was inhabited by humans.

These tiny little groups of planets in the asteroid belt are actually fragments of Maldeck’s fragments.

Why has Maldeck been shattered?

How did it happen that one planet ended up shattering into pieces?

At that time, Maldeck was in the midst of a shift up, a planetary evolution, and the Earth is now in a similar phase.

The people of Maldeck started a nuclear war at that time.

People’s bad thoughts have attracted comets and meteorites

But the nuclear war didn’t destroy the planet; it was the evil thoughts of the people who started the war that attracted the huge meteorites that were approaching.

There’s a law of action-reaction, and the reaction of nuclear war sent comets and meteorites raining down on Maldeck one after the other, until they shattered into pieces.

The remnants of the planet Maldeck are now floating in space in the form of an asteroid belt.

Maldeck’s souls have been incarnating on Earth

What happened to the souls of the people who lived on Maldeck at that time?

In fact, it is said that the souls that were on Maldeck have been reincarnated on this Earth.

In order for those souls to continue their learning, they have been incarnated on Earth and are facing the same challenges again.

The Divine Spirits of Earth have a policy of accepting all souls, and they also accept such souls.

They accept those souls as well, and they are trying to evolve as a planet in a positive direction.