Where Is the Direction of the Soul’s Evolution?

Eternal Soul

To Achieve Spiritual Evolution

Since we are all spiritual beings, evolution is not a matter of how we have historically evolved in terms of the physical, but rather how we have evolved spiritually.

The material body on the ground changes depending on the civilization. It may be hard for some people to believe, but there was a time when humans had tails, and there was a time when men had a third eye on their foreheads.

Whatever body we inhabit, it serves to promote the spiritual evolution of the soul, and we are beings who live in eternity, having been reborn in this world many times to fulfill our spiritual evolution and have various life experiences.

Evolution Extending Only Along The Axis Of Love

The direction of that evolution is not something that we should strive for unnecessarily, but something that can only extend along the axis of love.

In other words, the direction of our evolution can be summed up in one word, “love,” and only along that axis of love is the direction of evolution and the possibility of evolution.

Of course, each of us is allowed to deviate from the direction of love of our own free will. However, since the Universe is filled with the overwhelming thought of God’s love from beginning to end, and our being itself is a mass of love, evolution will come to a halt if we are not in tune with love.

If we are not in tune with love, evolution will cease. This is a fact of the Universe that not only will evolution cease, but in fact, we will receive the opposite result of degeneration.

Indicator Of Love

Effort is not something that can be done unnecessarily, but it is important that it is aligned with the axis of love.

The measure of this is how many people we can help. And how many people we can love. That is the love of God that pervades this macrocosm and the direction of our evolution as children of God.

In that direction, there are many different and colorful expressions of love, and there is a way to make the most of the unique and irreplaceable character of love given to us as God’s children, as a part of God.

There is no other vector of our spiritual evolution than the vector of learning to love and expressing love.