Who comes to escort us to heaven after death?


Who comes to escort us to heaven after death?

It is sometimes said that after death, a person will come to guide us to the other side. Is it true?

Often, the dead person’s parents, family, and friends will come for the person who is already dead. When a dead person comes, it is also meant to make the person realize that he or she is dead, too.

Sometimes they come and show themselves before they die. You may often hear of a dead parent coming to you while you are sleeping, or of a husband or wife who has already gone to the other side, a few days before he or she died. This is not a hallucination or a delusion, but the arrival of someone who has actually already died.

Those who have already died are living in the other world. They see that the person’s physical life is about to run out, and they work to make it easier for him or her to return to the other world.