The Eternal Life – Death is not the End

Eternal Soul

The Eternal Life – Death is not the End

Talking about “death” may be taboo for some people, or they may think that it is not relevant to them because it is a religious matter. Some people may not accept it because it is a spiritual matter.

However, I believe that everyone, without exception, will face death sooner or later.

Death is the separation of the soul from the body. The body and soul are connected by spirit lines, and when these are broken, they separate. This is also known as the “silver cord”. The soul and body are connected by such a line.

When we die, the body is gone, but the soul is not. This is because the soul is the true nature of human beings. Death is not the end of everything; consciousness and memory do not disappear. We can’t touch things because we don’t have a body, but we can still see, hear, and smell with our soul.

Death is not the end, but rather a joyous return to our original state, a blessed thing that allows us to fly away from the confines of the body into a more original and free world.