How to be reborn in this world – Pond of Reincarnation –

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How to be reborn in this world – Pond of Reincarnation –

How do we get reborn from the other world to this world? I would like to introduce an example in this article.

After death, people return to the other world and are reincarnated in this world some time later.

There are many possible cases of reincarnation, but one of them is called the “Pond of Reincarnation”.

Pond of Reincarnation

There is a place called the “Forest of Reincarnation”, and on the outskirts of the forest is the Pond of Reincarnation, but you can only be reincarnated if you get permission from a higher spiritual person.

That permission means what kind of life you have led in your past lives. And what kind of challenges you faced in your past lives, and what kind of challenges you faced in this earthly life. How do you want to clear it? What area are you born in and what kind of life do you plan to lead in order to achieve this?

In other words, it’s a life plan. You tell them your life plan, and if they say yes, you will be born on the ground.

It is said that the reincarnation pond is made up of a cliff several meters high, so if you look at the pond from the top of the cliff, you can see the world in which you will be reborn.

At a few meters, it’s quite high. It takes a lot of courage to jump into it.
Sometimes, some people are so scared that they turn back. But sometimes they are persuaded by their guardian or guiding spirit to come back.
They are ready to be reborn, and they are ready to come out.

Finally, they decide to be reborn and jump into the pond. Then they will live in their mother’s womb.

You’re born with a plan for your life

This is an example of reincarnation. The other world is a pretty vast world, so of course there are other ways of reincarnation besides this one.

As you can see from this example, we make a plan for this life before we are born.

Challenges in past lives are also called karma, and one of the main meanings of life planning is to tackle again the things we failed to do in our previous lives.

And for those of us in the other world, being born into this world means that we are born with a huge decision to make.

Therefore, when we live normally, we don’t feel the gratitude of life, but in reality, our life on this world is so precious to our souls, and each hour of each day is, in a sense, like gold.