Individuality Of The Soul

Individuality of the Soul

Each Soul Has Its Own Unique Personality

First I would like to start with a little personal story. The other day I had a dream.

Ms. A, an acquaintance of mine who passed away many years ago, appeared in my dream, and I was talking with her about the “individuality of the soul”. In the dream, there were some transparent glass colored balls lying around. Among the light blue, green and other balls, Ms. A looked at me and said, “This is your color,” and picked up a green ball and handed it to me. It was the color of a deep green leaf.

Each soul has its own color. Green, by the way, represents “harmony, art.” Why does each soul have its own color, and what does each color mean?

The Soul Is A Mixture Of Seven Colors Of God’s Light

When I think, “What is my individuality?” I think one of the meanings of life is to find it.

When our soul is created, every soul is given a unique personality, and there is no one soul in the Universe that has the exact same personality. No two souls have exactly the same personality in this Universe. Everyone exists with a role embedded in them that only that person can fulfill. Each soul has its own original personality and role, and therein lies the variation of the various colors of God’s light.

The colors of the soul’s personality can be divided into seven major colors. The seven colors are not the same as the seven colors of the rainbow, but they are yellow, white, red, green, blue, purple, and silver, and each color has its own specific role.

The Meaning And Role Of The Seven Colors

So what are the meanings and roles of the seven colors of God’s light? They are as follows

Yellow: God’s Law, Divine Truth
White: Love
Red: Justice
Green: Harmony, Art
Blue: Intelligence
Purple: Order, Courtesy.
Silver: Science

Yellow Represents God’s Law, Divine Truth

Yellow, also known as the color of gold, represents the Law of God, the Divine Truth. Law is not a law made by humans, but a law that pervades the Universe. It is a rule created by the God of the Universe and is the very will of God. For example, the gold color of Buddhist statues represents the color of the law.

White Represents Love

White represents love. The white color is symbolic of medical care, where doctors and nurses wear white coats to help people who are suffering.

Red Represents Justice

The color red represents justice. It is a very bold and powerful color, and in a word, it is leadership. It is a color that represents the ability to lead, how to bring people together. Politics belongs to the color red.

Green Represents Harmony And Art

Green is the color of harmony, the very color of nature. It can be seen in the green of trees. Art also belongs to the green color, and exists to bring harmony to people through painting, music, sculpture, and literature.

Blue Represents Intelligence

Blue is the color of intellect. Philosophy, thought, and academic studies belong to this color.

Purple Represents Order And Courtesy

Some people may find purple to be very noble. Purple is truly a sign of order and courtesy. It is a color that expresses respect for superiors and politeness.

Silver Represents Science

Silver is the color of science. The soul of a scientist has a high percentage of silver in it.

Several Colors Blend Together To Form A Personality

In this way, each color has its own meaning and role.

Some people may think, “Each soul has only one of those seven colors?” However, this is not true, and it is said that most souls have a combination of several colors. In other words, the soul’s personality is a blend of colors, with several colors blending together to form a personality. For example, for a certain soul, the most common color is green, but it also has white, blue, and other colors as well.

Our soul’s personality is a combination of several of these seven colors, some of which we have a lot of and some of which we don’t have much. When we look back at ourselves, we may have an idea of which color is strongest in our soul.

Colors Of Individuality Are Spectra Of God’s Light

All of these colors of the soul’s individuality are spectra of the light of the source God. The reason why human beings are said to be “children of God” is because we are created beings separated from God’s light and given a unique individuality.

It may not be easy to know what kind of individuality you are originally created with. But it is indeed God’s expectation, and we will gradually come to know it as we go through various experiences over and over again in our eternal journey.

What is the unique color of your soul? Finding out is one of the meanings of life, and we are the ones walking the eternal journey to return to God in the end.