The spiritual world is divided into layers, like salad dressing

This World and Spiritual World

Depending on the person’s thoughts, the place of return to the afterlife is different

When a person dies, they leave the body and become the soul itself.

The spiritual world is all about thoughts, so when you return to the other world, you return to a different place depending on your thoughts.

That is, for example, if you think of dressing, you have several layers of oil and liquid.
In the same way, the other world is divided into various layers.

From the bottom, they are divided into the Hell World, the Spirit World, the Good People World, the Gods World, the Bodhisattva World, the Tathagata World, and the Savior World.

The higher we go, the more we are purified by the thought of selfless love

The higher up you go, the less and less you want to be.

We are becoming more and more pure in our desire to live only for the happiness of others, a selfless love for others.

When you do this, the clinging is gone and the vibrations of your soul become lighter and higher and higher.

The more you grab, the heavier your soul becomes and the more you sink

On the other hand, the more you grab it, the more it sinks downward. The solids in the dressing are sinking underneath, right?

It is the same as that, and the heavier the soul gets, the lower it sinks.
And the most lower sinking is the Hell World.

Despite the fact that he is dead and no longer physical, he still has a lot of grievances and complaints about money, land, and what is left of this world.

When this happens, the soul becomes heavy and sinks downward. So it’s about eliminating those attachments. It is to live with a lighter soul. If you do, you will end up going to heaven instead of hell.

Thus, the spiritual world is a world divided according to the thoughts of a person’s mind.