The Green Planet Called Orion Part 2


There’s a forest near the house where they can play with the animals

I would like to continue with this article about the green planet called Orion.

In Orion, I mentioned that the house is made to create a space that draws energy from the roots of the universe, and the planet Orion lives with the energy of the natural world.

There is a forest-like area near the house where lovely animals live. There are no ferocious animals, and they can touch and play with each other.

They’re drawing on and harnessing the energy of the universe in the pyramids

Then there is a building in Orion that looks like a pyramid. They draw energy from the universe and harness that energy.

Civilizations in Earth’s past have used pyramids, such as those of Lemuria and Atlantis.

A pyramid is like a device that draws energy from the universe and stores it in the pyramid, and sends it to each facility and each home.

Right now, we send electrical energy from power plants through power lines and so on, but in Orion, the pyramids are responsible for that energy.

But the energy source in Orion comes from space, not from fossil fuels, so it is very clean energy.

At Orion, for example, they use that kind of cosmic energy to power their spacecraft.

On Earth today, you might think of gasoline, but the energy of God’s love from the great universe is infinitely available.

By drawing on that energy, we can utilize it in a clean and efficient manner.

Orion aliens have wings on their backs

Also, the people of Orion have wings on their backs.

The angels on Earth also have wings, but that’s because they saw the people who came to Earth from Orion with wings on their backs, so the angels on Earth started to grow wings too.

In Orion, the shape of the wings is different depending on a person’s personality.

Artistic people have long, slender wings, partly because they love and seek freedom. The length of the wings symbolizes freedom. And they actually like to fly around.

On the other hand, those who do not need to fly have small wings.

Depending on the free will of each person, the shape of the wings will also change.