What’s beyond the atoms and subatomic particles


What’s beyond the atoms and subatomic particles

One of the elements that make up a substance is an atom. Even smaller than this atom, the smallest unit of matter is said to be a subatomic particle in current research.

However, there is an even smaller element than that subatomic particle, which is called a “Reishi”.

As a matter of fact, it is by this that matter and spirit, such as the physical body, is made up. Something like that should be discovered in the future.

Why can UFOs appear and disappear?

For example, there is the UFO, which has recently been taken on video, and many of you may have seen it.

As you can see if you look closely, the UFO was visible, but then it suddenly disappeared. In other words, they appear and disappear on the spot. To us, it seems like we don’t know what’s going on.

As it turns out, the people of the universe know that everything, both matter and spirit, is made up of the structure of the Reishi.

What is by the Reishi becomes spirit when it is decomposed and becomes matter when it is reintegrated.This means that the aliens know how to make matter appear and disappear in that way. To put it another way, you can turn an object into a spirit body and a spirit body into an object.

Therefore, it is possible to make UFOs appear like that and make them invisible to the eye, and the people in the universe know the principle and are technologically able to do so.

It allows us to move through the spiritual world

It is, to put it even another way, being able to transcend dimensions.

The form of existence is different in the third dimension (this world) and the fourth dimension (the other world) and beyond.

We may think that the flesh and matter of the three dimensional world is solid, but to the aliens, they know that it is made up of a single thought.

When we the people of earth cross this wall, we should be able to move through the spiritual world, so-called teleportation, as it were. Space travel will also become possible in the same way that UFOs do, across dimensions. It is the instantaneous switching of forms of existence from three to four dimensions and from four to three dimensions.

In order to do so, we need to recognize the Reishi and know that both matter and the spirit body come into being through the decomposition and integration of the Reishi.