Love is sharing

Practice of Love

Love is sharing

What is love? I also said that it is “something to give without asking for anything in return” and that it is “forgiveness”.

Love is profound, and the purpose for which we are born on this ground is also “to learn to love”.

What is love, and what kind of love can be expressed specifically in living with the body? That is the biggest question for us.

There can be no existence in this universe that is contrary to the providence of love

We humans are beings whose essence is love, and who have been given a share of life from the energy of love itself.

In this universe, there is a principle that cannot exist that is contrary to the providence of love.

It is a fact that if we cannot love each other, we will not be allowed to exist in the universe.

The opposite of love is ego and possessiveness

Love is also about “sharing”.

For example, in today’s society, in some parts of the world, children are starving because they have nothing to eat, while in other countries, the surplus food is discarded one after another.

The problem with food loss is not that there is not enough food in the world at large. If there is a surplus, we will divide it among the deficient areas. With such a spirit of sharing, there would be fewer people suffering from the problem of hunger.

The opposite of love is the ego. It is the thought that all you have to do is be good. It doesn’t matter what happens to other people, as long as their position and status are protected.

Such a monopolistic desire is far from love and is not a natural thought that we should have as children of God.

Share your joys and sorrows too

Sharing isn’t just about anything food or goods, it’s also about joy, sorrow and suffering.

At the end of the day, sharing the happy things you had that day with your family is also sharing. If you’ve been sad, you can share that sadness and support each other.

I’m there for their suffering, and I’m there to help them ease their suffering as much as possible. I will tell you that you are not alone. Sharing the burden of the heart can often be a relief.

Love is also about reducing one’s suffering and hardship in that way. The thought and action of reaching out is love itself.