The Door of Forgiveness

Life's Troubles

The Door of Forgiveness

Is there someone in your life that you just can’t forgive?

It is not easy to forgive someone who has done something terrible to you and has hurt you deeply.

It is not uncommon for our minds to be filled with the thought that the person is to blame for everything.

However, such thoughts are nothing but suffering, and if we cannot forgive the person, the suffering will continue forever.

So what should we do?

You have to come to the realization that the person you are dealing with is not entirely to blame, and that there may have been something wrong with you as well.

In fact, it is impossible for everything to be the person’s fault.

Of course, the person was the cause of the problem, but on the other hand, there is always something wrong with yourself as well.

It is only when we realize this that we can stand at the door of forgiveness.

As long as you don’t get out of the mindset that you are the victim and the person is the perpetrator, the pain in your heart will never go away.

When we can humbly and objectively look at each other and realize that neither of us is perfect and that we are both learning from each other, we can gradually learn to forgive the other, even if it takes time.