Living a life filled with love – no one is perfect in this world

Practice of Love

No one in this world is perfect

A life filled with love is about accepting all the good and bad in people, and then standing in front of them, exposing all your good and bad qualities.

No one in this world, including yourself, is perfect.

Even if we are still immature, we should be able to face each other, accept each other, and forgive each other. That is the life with love.

Even if you see something wrong with the other person, don’t judge them, but forgive them because you have something wrong with them as well. Treat each other as friends living together in the moment, understanding the pain of the other person, instead of hurting each other with a sense of guilt.

If everyone can live with this kind of mind, there will be less and less harm to be done to each other in this society, and everyone will be able to live with a sense of safety and trust as God’s children, with a sense of warmth and contentment, and with a sense of mutual gratitude and happiness.

It may sound like a beautiful thing, but I really think so. If you cannot actually live like that, then words like “life with love” mean nothing. Unless this is actually done, acted upon, and rooted in the lives of each and every individual, nothing will change in society.

When a person who has awakened to his or her true loving nature lives as a loving figure in the midst of others in their daily lives, the people around him or her who see him or her will be inspired to change.

Each one of us is a wonderful, irreplaceable messenger and carrier of love.

It is in the hands of each of us to spread it out to this planet at large. In each of our ten different ways of living, there is a love that we can deliver through our individuality.

To all of you reading this, let’s do what you can to bring love to those around you.

Your steps will change society, change the world, and change the earth into a planet of love.