Creative Power Given By The God Of the Universe

Children of God

The Power To Create Freely

We may not always be aware of it, but we all have the power to create something. It is the power to create something tangible out of something formless.

For example, there is a building. A developer involved in urban development or real estate first decides on the concept and idea of the building, and then solidifies the image of the building while taking into consideration the surrounding environment and townscape.

Once the image of the building is solidified, they draw the plans for the building’s concrete form, create the blueprints, gather the various materials necessary for construction, and actually start the construction work to give the building shape. In this way, a building is built where there was none.

The construction of a building is just one example of human creativity. No animal other than humans would ever create such a building. In this sense, I believe that humans are given the power to create things quite freely.

A Single Thought Becomes The Core Of An Energy Field

How does the human creative power come into play?

First of all, there is a single thought. In the case of building construction, there is a single core thought, “I want to build a building.” It can be called a concept or a vision.

When such a single thought becomes the core, and the thought is focused and sustained on that one point, an energy field is created around it. Thoughts are invisible energy, and as if attracted by the magnetic field, various things will start to move in order to materialize them. For example, in the case of building construction, blueprints are drawn, materials are gathered, discussions are held with the people involved, and things move forward to make the building a reality.

In this way, the creative process begins with a single central thought, which is sustained by the will of the creator, and as the actions are accumulated, they actually take shape.

The power to create and produce various things is a power given to each of us by God. It is a power that is connected to the creative power of God.

Creativity Is The Power Of The God of the Universe

Creativity is the power that the God of the Universe possesses. It is the power that God used to create this Universe.

Everything in the Universe has been created by God’s love. It is love that is at the root of it all, and without the thought of love, the creative principle in its true sense cannot work.

There are images and photos of galaxies spiraling. As you can see, the creative principle works and materializes in a spiral rotation. The energies of yin and yang are spiraling and intermingling to create.

Although it may be on a much smaller scale than the creative power that God is deploying in this Universe, the same creative power as God has been given to each and every one of His children, and they are allowed to freely create various things.

For Every One Of Us To Express Love

For what purpose is the creative power given to us? It is for the embodiment of love. To express love in the form of concrete things, within each person’s free will, and to use it for the happiness of others.

Some people may think that constructing a building has nothing to do with love, but the building actually enriches people’s lives by allowing more people to live and work there. If shopping stores and restaurants are built, people will be able to shop and eat there, enriching their lives and livelihoods.

In other words, the construction of a building is helping people to be happy. If I had to sum it up in one word, I would say it is “love”.

We, the children of God, are given the same creative power as God. That creative power is not given to us to satisfy our ego or selfishness, but to express our love for the happiness of other children of God.