For those who say that family relationships are hard

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For those who say that family relationships are hard

Many people say they are struggling with family relationships.

Just because a relationship has gone bad doesn’t mean that you can escape from it so easily, unlike others.

I know there are many different cases that can be considered, but there is one thing you can do to build a good relationship.

That’s what I mean by “expressing gratitude”.

Name what you are grateful for in your family

I think a lot of people think, “There’s no way I could do that.”

“There’s nothing to be thankful for. In fact, I’d rather be thanked for it.”

Some people may feel that way.

But there’s no more effective way to say thank you than to say thank you. It’s not an overstatement to say so.

You may think there is no such thing as gratitude, but think back to the past.

There will always be a few things that come to mind, including things from the past.

You may even remember some things that annoy you, but let’s put them aside for a moment. Write down the things you did that helped you and the things you are grateful for, either in a notebook or on your smartphone.

Express your gratitude to them

Then you can express that gratitude in words and tell them “thank you”. If it’s too embarrassing or difficult to say it face-to-face, you can send a letter or email. HIt’s also very good to give something small as a gift.
It’s also very good to give something small as a gift.

It’s not good to express your gratitude in a superficial way. Telling someone that you are grateful for something that you don’t expect won’t really get through to them. It’s counterproductive if you don’t convey your gratitude from the heart.

Communicating gratitude always changes the other person.
There is no doubt about this. What will change?

Not only do their words, actions and attitudes towards you, but they themselves change. People will not change even if you try to change them. By changing yourself, the other person will also change.

Don’t ask for anything in return

The key is not to ask for anything in return at this time.

Don’t ask for anything in return, for example, to give you something in return, or to give you some property after you’ve expressed your gratitude.

And it’s important to continue to express your gratitude not just once, but many times from time to time.

No one ever feels bad about being thanked.

When family relationships aren’t working out, it’s usually because we’ve forgotten to thank each other.

This is the same for both parents and children.

Parents should not take it for granted that children have a right to be grateful to their parents.

Even if you are a parent, you should have something to be thankful for in your child.

For example, if you remember the time when your child was born, won’t that be enough to make you feel grateful?

Tell them thank you and build a good relationship

The one thing you can’t do because you’re close to them is to say thank you.

If you’re struggling with family relationships, please try to practice this.