The Divine Principle is summed up in a single point: “Learn to love”

Divine Truth

The Divine Principle is the single most important thing to learn about love

The Divine Principle is the universal law that pervades this great universe, and it has been ordained by God. It is very profound, but it can be summed up in a single principle: “Learn to love.”

The most important thing is to learn what love is and to live it with our souls, not to pursue intellectual pursuits out of interest.

Leading people to God

To live love is to love and lead for good the children of God, who are the same as you. Where will it lead us? To God, that is.

To free ourselves from the narrow bonds of religion, race, and culture, and to awaken to the divinity of God’s children as earthlings. This is why there is a Divine Principle, which has been transmitted by various Earth leaders through their own personalities. There is, in fact, one teaching of God’s love of the universe, and it has been transmitted to us in many variations.

Divine reason doesn’t really make sense if it’s only learned as knowledge

No matter how much you learn the divine truth as knowledge, it does not have any real meaning on its own. You can’t learn love just by hearing and knowing what it is. You can only truly learn love if you can put it into practice in the end, through your actions. It doesn’t matter how much you talk about love.

Continue to love other God’s children tenderly, even at the cost of your own self. We survive for the sake of others, even though we are hurting and experiencing pain. It is through this that love is deeply engraved in our souls and learned.