Love And Gratitude Are Inseparable

Practice of Love

Gratitude Drives Love

Love and gratitude are two sides of the same coin, and gratitude is the driving force behind love.

We tend to forget to be grateful in our everyday life. There is no one who can live on his or her own, and the truth is that we are supported, helped, and kept alive by someone else.

When we take this for granted, we tend to forget how grateful we are, and feel as if we are living only by our own strength, and lose our sense of gratitude.

No One Can Live On Their Own

For example, the fact that we are able to eat rice and vegetables every day is not something we can take for granted. There are farmers who produce the food, people who transport it, and people who cook it before it is finally put into our mouths. Thanks to the work of so many people, we are able to live, aren’t we?

There is no one who lives on his or her own. When we realize that what we used to take for granted is not really a matter of course, but that we are alive because of the support of others, a feeling of gratitude naturally arises.

This feeling of gratitude will then become the driving force for you to do something for someone else. In other words, if you don’t feel gratitude, you won’t have the power to love.

The Most Important Gratitude Is To God

Of all the things we are grateful for, I believe that gratitude to God is the most important and the greatest.

We have been kept alive and nurtured by the energy of God’s love all our lives, without even realizing it. All life in this Universe is kept alive and nurtured by God. Just as we cannot live fully without oxygen, we cannot live without the energy of God’s love.

All of God’s children are kept alive by the invisible energy of God’s love. Even if we don’t realize it, God is silently sending out His infinite love energy throughout the Universe to nurture the lives of all the children of God.

I believe that giving thanks to God is the most important thing for us.

Love And Gratitude Are Inseparable

Love and gratitude are inseparable and closely connected. Gratitude is necessary for love, and without gratitude, love cannot be expressed.

If we do love only out of a sense of duty, eventually that love will wither away. Without the backing of gratitude, love will be just a formality and will not be a love that reaches the hearts of others.