The Heart And Life As Children Of God

Children of God

The Heart And Life As Children Of God

What does it look like to live as children of God?

It is important to not only think in our hearts, but to actually express ourselves. By expression, I mean action. In our actions, deeds, and expressions, we need to show that we are the children of God. I think that is one of the answers to how we live as human beings.

Of course, one can live only by thinking in one’s heart. However, I believe that we are required to express those thoughts outwardly and crystallize them into concrete actions and deeds in our lives.

At that time, what is inside of a person will come outward. I believe that we will realize once again that the mind, the spiritual thing, is the most important thing.

If we have a pure heart, that purity will manifest itself in form. If our heart is full of light, then our expression will be full of light. On the contrary, if our hearts are filled with egoic thoughts of selfishness, the expressions and actions that result will be darker.

Which of the two is more suitable for expression as children of God?

It will become obvious to us, and our own heart knows best, even if we are not told by others. If we live with a round, clean, and warm heart, our actions will also be clean and warm.

In this sense, life is all about how we can express our true selves as children of God. It is no exaggeration to say that life is all about that.