The Truth of Enlightenment


The Truth of Enlightenment

Question: What is enlightenment? And how can we achieve enlightenment?

Answer: Enlightenment can be summed up in one word: learning the divine truth and experientially deepening your understanding of it in the soul through practice.

Learning through knowledge alone is not enlightenment. No matter how much knowledge of the divine truth you cram into your head, it is not enough to become enlightened. It is something that you have to understand deeply with your soul and acquire. This is what enlightenment is all about.

Knowing and learning the divine truth superficially is meaningless. It is something that we imprint deeply into our souls through our daily lives and various experiences in life.

In other words, living the divine principle. It means living the law. Through each and every concrete moment of life, we live the divine truth that we have learned. Through this process, enlightenment progresses.

And eventually, we will reach the divine enlightenment of the God of the Universe. It takes a long time and many steps to reach this point, but each of us, who have been created as children of God, will return to God. Enlightenment is also the process.

The catchphrase of this blog is “Learn the Divine Truth, Practice Love, and Live a Happy Life,” and this is exactly what I mean.

Learning and knowing the divine truth is the first important thing. The first thing to do is to learn and understand it, and then, after learning it, to put it into practice.Ultimately, the divine truth is all about “Love”. It is through the practice of love that we can truly understand it.

By actually living the divine truth, we, as God’s children, can become happy. Each of us will be able to shine, emitting the wonderful light that God has shared with us.

Knowing a lot of difficult things is not enlightenment. The divine truth is not difficult, it is the root of the universe, and it is very simple. We can sense it with our soul and express it.

Enlightenment is not something that is unnecessarily painful, but it is something that makes you happy. The path to happiness as a child of God itself is enlightenment.