Marriage relationship – Were you married in a previous life? –

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Marriage relationship – Were you married in a previous life? –

A couple’s relationship is a very strong connection to each other.

It is never a coincidence that you become husband and wife. There is a relationship that is connected by some invisible thread.

The most common pattern for couples is that they were married in a past life

It is said that the most common pattern is that people who were married in a past life are married in this life as well.

When they came into this world before, they were living as husband and wife. Those two people are married again in this life and live together again.

They are souls who know each other very well, and they still want to live their lives together again, and they are often born with the promise of marriage to each other.

As you can imagine if you think about it, it is easier for both of us to decide on someone we have married at least once than to plan to marry someone we don’t know well.

There will be a point where you can feel more comfortable with someone who has already been through it, rather than being with an unknown partner and not knowing what will happen at all.

If you feel nostalgic when you first meet the person you’re married to, it’s a revival of your soul’s memory

Some people who are married may say that when they first met that person, they felt nostalgic for some reason, or that they didn’t feel like they were the first person they had ever met.

That, of course, is because they had some kind of relationship in a past life that brings back those memories.

While it is most likely that they were husband and wife, it is also possible that they had another relationship.

For example, it could have been a lover or a person he or she had a crush on in a past life.

At that time, they could not get married for one reason or another, but they were born with a promise to become husband and wife because they did not fulfill their fondness for their partner.

And this time they were able to get married successfully. Such is the case.

Sometimes, people who hurt each other in a past life can become husband and wife in this life

In another case, two people who disliked and hurt each other very much become husband and wife as a reaper of their karma.

Hurting each other is a challenge for them from the perspective of the direction of God’s love.

The direction of love is not to hurt each other, but to help and support each other, so this time they dare to get married and live together so that they can live together in such a way.

In other cases, there are cases where two unknown souls, who had no previous relationship in a past life, meet and marry because of the matchmaker’s introduction in the other world.

In this case, the guardian spirits of the other world agree to marry each other, and they get married on the ground as well. In other words, the guardian spirits have already greeted each other before they meet in this world.

Couples don’t get married by chance

As you can see, couples who get married do not marry because they are attracted to each other by chance.

They made a promise in the afterlife, and in their past lives they were married or had a relationship with each other before they got married.

I hope that you will cherish your relationship with your partner knowing that you met him or her through that kind of relationship.