The Fundamental Roles Of Men And Women

Man and Woman

Differences In The Fundamental Role Of Energy Between Men And Women

The difference between men and women is partly due to their different roles as physical organs, but fundamentally, masculine energy and feminine energy also have different roles.

In the providence of love that flows throughout the Universe, there is a power given to men and a power given to women by God.

Men and women are not in competition with each other, but can express greater love by realizing what kind of energy they have and living in cooperation with each other, hand in hand.

This is the meaning of the separation of men and women. By uniting and merging what was divided, we can do what we cannot do alone. It has a very fundamental meaning that the circulation of the energies of man and woman makes it possible to create and give birth to new beings.

God, The Source Of The Macrocosm, Is The United Energy Of Man And Woman

Originally, at the source of this macrocosm, masculine and feminine energies are one.

In the God of the Universe, masculine and feminine energies exist as one, and everything in the Universe is created and brought to life by the energies of both of them. The creative principle is at work, and all things are created by the spiraling energy of the masculine and feminine energies.

God divided the energies of man and woman, which are fundamentally one, into male and female energies. What role do the energies of each gender play?

Great Power In Both Men’s And Women’s Energies

Masculine energy can be summed up in one word: positivity. It is the ability to work and emanate outward with one’s own energy, for example, to develop and evolve society. Masculine energy is utilized to develop the world through willpower, action, intellect, and reason.

In contrast, female energy is the energy of receiving, as symbolized by the word “receptivity.” If men’s energy is outgoing energy, women have the power to create new energy by accepting it.

This can be easily understood, for example, by considering the conception of a child. She is able to receive and accept male love herself and create new life again. It is women who are endowed with such fundamental power.

In this way, masculine energy and feminine energy are not superior or inferior, but both are given irreplaceable roles to play.

A Journey Of Souls Divided Into Men And Women

Just as the energy at the source of the Universe is the unity of man and woman, and the masculine and feminine principles are one, the human soul was originally created as the energy body of the unity of man and woman.

The soul, which was such a unity, is divided and separated into a man’s soul and a woman’s soul, respectively. And as each of us continues our soul learning, we are on an eternal journey to realize our individuality and role as irreplaceable children of God, born into the macrocosm, and to encounter our own selves.

For every soul that is divided into a man and a woman, there is one half of the soul that was originally one, a partner who is fundamentally complementary to each other’s energy. It is not just anyone, but a soul partner with whom the soul was deeply connected at the time of its creation, a soul partner who was originally one with the man and the woman.

It is said that there is such an embedded romantic process of meeting that partner in the eternal journey of the soul, and that we do not know when we meet that partner until we have reached a certain level of soul development. First, there is a stage where one’s own soul needs to evolve and grow, and then there is a path where one meets the fundamental partner, is attracted to him or her, and works together with him or her.

On evolved planets in the Universe, there are people who have already met their soul partners and are working together. On Earth today, there are still very few people who have met their spiritual partners, but in the future, as we Earthlings become more aware and step up as a planet, more and more people will come to meet their fundamental partners.

God Has Embedded The Joy Of Love Even In The Functions Of The Body

The division into male and female has a very essential meaning, and even in the physical sense, men and women are created to truly love each other and feel great joy through sexual intercourse. This means that God has embedded the joy of love felt through sex in the physical functions of the human body.

When two people, a man and a woman, who love each other with all their hearts, experience ecstasy through sexual intercourse, it is a joy that leads to God’s love, and the act is not dirty or vulgar.

Of course, this is not to say that wanton sexual flirtation is good, but that a man and a woman who are sincerely attracted to and love each other is a very precious thing.

Some people may feel guilty just by touching the opposite sex, but there is no need to feel such guilt. Neither men alone nor women alone can create new life.

God of the Universe Himself is creating all things through the united energy of men and women at the source of the Universe.