How To Cure Depression And Its Causes

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More People With Depression And Anxiety Disorders

The Lancet has published a paper on the increase in the number of people worldwide suffering from depression and anxiety disorders due to the COVID-19. In 2020, about 130 million people around the world suffered from depression and anxiety disorders due to the effects of the COVID-19, especially women and young people.

Depression is a prolonged state of feeling down, depressed, not being able to sleep, feeling heavy, feeling that life is boring, etc., caused by stress, which can have a great impact on both mental and physical health.

Some of my friends have also suffered from depression, so I cannot say that it has nothing to do with me.

What is the root cause of depression, and how can it be cured?

Excessive Stress Destroys The Mind

Especially today, we live in a stressful society. There is no doubt that we are living under various kinds of stress. It is no secret that we live with a lot of stress, and the stress can damage our minds. It is a fact that depression is caused by it.

It is not good to be in a constant state of excessive stress to the extent that our minds are broken. I think it is possible to maintain a good mental state if one can release stress in an appropriate manner. When we can’t do that properly, or when excessive stress presses on us, we get hit from a mental standpoint.

Taking In The Harmonic Energy Of Mother Nature

Depression is a mental problem, a problem of the mind, so it is all about how to bring the mind to a state of peace and roundness. Therefore, I think it is a good idea to go into the great outdoors to condition the mind. This means taking in the harmonic energy of the trees and greenery into your body. This will help you to regain your mental balance.

Nature is a representation of God’s heart, and there is a very harmonious energy flowing through it. When you are in nature, your depressed feelings and frustrations will flow away, and you will feel relaxed and enveloped by nature.

It may be difficult to do this in the city. However, I recommend that people with depression regularly go into nature and take in the energy of nature.

The Cause Of Depression Is A Mind Obsessed With Dark Thoughts

The cause of depression can be summed up in one word: the thoughts of the mind. Depression occurs when the mind is obsessed with “dark thoughts” for a long time.

What kind of thoughts are dark thoughts? To put it simply, they are thoughts that are contrary to love. For example, especially in the case of the effects of the COVID-19, they are anxiety and fear.

“What if I get it?”
“I don’t want to die.”

These thoughts of anxiety and fear never leave your mind. In addition, doubts and fears about the people and society around you, and thoughts of self-preservation, wanting to save only yourself, can also be called dark thoughts.

When such negative thoughts and negative ideas occupy the mind all the time in a day, and thoughts of cheerfulness, hope, and comfort are lost from the mind for a long time, depression and anxiety disorders develop.

What Negative Thoughts Attract

What will happen if you continue to have such negative thoughts? There are invisible beings that are attracted to such negative thoughts. They are called hell spirits. It’s not a fantasy, there is actually a world called hell in the other world, and the spirits of hell come to those who have dark thoughts on the ground.

It is often said that “like attracts like”. It is a law of energy. If you have negative thoughts in your mind, you will be attracted to hell spirits who have similar thoughts.

The spirits of hell absorb the dark thoughts of the person as energy and work to make the person have more and more negative thoughts. They encourage anxiety and self-denial, and try to make the person’s mind go from bad to worse. If the person continues to have such dark thoughts, the hell spirit will stick to the person and not leave. This is a phenomenon known as possession.

When a person is possessed, he or she often feels heavy in the head, heavy in the body, and so on. As long as you continue to have dark thoughts in your mind, it is not easy to get out of such a state.

However, since the cause of the problem is the dark thoughts that you have, if you change those thoughts, you will surely get better. If you change the thoughts in your mind, you will not be affected by the spirits of hell, and as a result, your depression will surely be cured.

Write A “Gratitude Note”

What exactly should we do to achieve this?

I mentioned earlier that we should go into nature and take in the energy of harmony. The second thing is to write a “gratitude note”. A “gratitude note” is a notebook in which you write down things in your daily life that make you feel gratitude, happiness, and joy.

It can be something that happens every day, or it can be something that you look back on in your life. Gratitude for your parents, gratitude for someone.

You can write about anything you want, and there is no specific format for writing, so you can use bullet points, a single line, or even a short paragraph. If you can write a lot, you can write a lot, if you can only write one, you can write one.

The most important thing is to keep doing it. If possible, I recommend continuing every day, but if it is difficult, every few days is fine. In any case, it is important to continue. Don’t stop immediately just because your condition is getting better.

By doing so and having gratitude in your heart, depression will be cured. You can take medication or use it in combination in some cases, but continuing to write gratitude notes is the best medicine for your mind.

Fill Your Mind with Gratitude and Depression Will Be Cured

If you fill your mind with gratitude, you will be cured of depression. Hell spirits cannot get close to people who have such gratitude even if they want to because their wavelengths do not match.

I know a person who said that his depression was cured when he started to be grateful for everything and to say “thank you” over and over again on a daily basis.

Depression is caused by dark thoughts in the mind. When such thoughts are eliminated, the depression will be cured.

Knowing The Divine Truth Is The Most Unshakable Foundation

The most solid foundation to break free from the suffering of depression and mental anguish is to know the divine truth above all else. The divine truth is the universal law and the will of God itself.

Who we are. What kind of laws of love do we live by in this universe? Knowing these truths will change your mind and change the way you live. The fear and anxiety of “not wanting to die” also comes from not knowing the truth.

Fundamentally, we are beings who have been given everlasting life. Death is just one passage to return to the other world. If we can know and believe that death is not the end of our existence, then our fears and anxieties will dissipate.

Many people suffer from unnecessary fears because such awareness has not taken root in us on the ground too much. However, there is absolutely no need to have such fear. When we die, we do not die, we simply leave our bodies and return to the other world as our original soul form.

By knowing such a divine truth, our mind will not be swept away by the fear and anxiety of death. If you know and live with it in your mind, you will never suffer from depression.

Letting Go Of Dark Thoughts And Harmonizing The Mind

In this article, I have written about the causes of depression and how to cure it. The cause of depression is the dark thoughts in your mind. In order to let go of those thoughts, we need to go into nature and take in the harmonious energy of greenery. Write a gratitude notebook and fill your mind with gratitude. And above all, to know and live by the divine truth.

I hope this will be of some help to anyone reading this who is suffering from depression or anxiety disorders.