A person’s worth isn’t determined by study or academics alone

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A person’s worth isn’t determined by study or academics alone

How do you think a person’s value is determined?

You may think that a person’s value is determined by his or her studies and academic ability as you progress through junior high school, high school and university. But that’s not really the truth.

It is important to be able to study. It is also important to improve your academic ability through hard work. However, it is not the only thing that determines a person’s value. It is a part of a person’s value, but it is not an absolute value.

Some people are good at academics, some people are good at sports, and some people are good at art. And some people are artistically gifted, while others excel in the sciences. It’s not a contest of superiority.

Everyone has great powers, and everyone is necessary, and there is no one person in this world that can be lacking. There is no one person in the universe who is not needed. Everyone has a role that only they can play, and this universe is made up of people working together in harmony, helping each other out in areas where they are lacking.

There’s a role in the soul that only that person can play

Just as the trumpet player, the violinist, the cello player, and so on, all of these instruments are combined to create wonderful music, this universe is made up of the individuality of each one of us.

Each of us has a role in our soul that only we can play. There is an irreplaceable individuality embedded in everyone, without exception. In order to realize this, we have to go through various life experiences to find out what our role is and what we are good at. With what we are good at, we contribute to the world around us as one cosmic puzzle.

Because we try to be something other than ourselves, that’s where the suffering comes in and we lose sight of our true selves. Sometimes you will get attention and blame for trying to be yourself and not being understood by the people around you. And there may be times when your heart is broken. But when you go through that, people won’t say anything else to you. People will have no choice but to accept you for who you are.
So, don’t be afraid to get hurt, believe in yourself, and keep living your life as you are.