Do prayers really come true?

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Do prayers really come true?

Do you ever “pray” in your daily routine?

When you often visit a church, mosque, or Buddhist temple, you may pray for your wishes to come true.

It might also be like asking God to help them recover when a family member or others are hospitalized for a serious illness.

I think at that time, in your thoughts, you are thinking of some kind of prayer. In some cases, you may even say the words of the prayer aloud.

Prayer has a lot of energy

Prayer is energy as it is.

We don’t see the words we are thinking of, but that doesn’t mean that nothing will change whether we pray or not.

Words have energy in them, and they are also called “kotodama,” but prayer is energy, and it is also an action.

Prayers that can be answered and prayers that cannot be answered

It is said that there are “prayers that can be fulfilled” and “prayers that cannot be fulfilled”.

For example, how about a prayer for the sick?

When you or a family member has an intractable disease that cannot be cured by modern science, you pray that they will be cured. Will their prayers be heard? The answer to that would be no.
This is because such incurable diseases are born by setting themselves up.

It is no coincidence that a person becomes disabled or handicapped, or suddenly develops an intractable disease of unknown origin.

That’s what they’ve embedded themselves in this time’s life plan, and with that kind of suffering, they could be returning their karma at once. As a sufficient atonement for this, they may become incurable or disabled in order to dissolve their karma.

To train our souls through such trials, we make our own plans for our lives. Therefore, even if there is a prayer to get rid of such suffering, if you get rid of it all, your life itself will be a failure.

It cannot be said that answering a prayer will truly lead to one’s happiness.

Prayer is always caught by someone in the spiritual world

Your prayers will always reach someone in the spiritual world.

If a person catches a prayer that comes up from the ground in the spiritual world, and it is determined that the content of the prayer is in accordance with God’s will and is positive for the person, then it will be fulfilled. Conversely, if it is judged that it is not in the best interest of the person, it will not come true.

The fact is that such judgments are made firmly in the spiritual world.

There are times when it is appropriate to have one’s prayers answered. Even though you have prayed for it, it may not come true right away, and you may try to make your wish come true at the most appropriate time for you.

After the prayers, everything is up to heaven

When we are living on the ground, there are some things that are hard to understand.

Therefore, it is important to have the attitude of leaving it to heaven after praying. It is not good to be so attached to that prayer.

Whether it comes true or not is up to heaven. It’s about living with that kind of refreshing feeling.