How to Open Your Destiny

Life's Troubles

What can we do to open up our destiny?

In life, there are many difficulties and hardships that stand in front of us. How do we navigate our destiny when we find ourselves in a predicament? I would like to talk to you about that.

I think there are two ways of thinking first when it comes to carving out your destiny.

One is “self power”, which means to do something on your own. And the second is the “other power” of leaving everything up to God.

Even if it’s up to each person to decide which one to take, I think many people try to overcome their predicament based on these two ideas.

We need both self power and other power

As it turns out, both of these are necessary.

I don’t think anything can be solved by one’s own efforts alone, and I don’t think everything can be solved by other efforts alone. When that happens, how should we think about the relationship between self power and other power?

Some people say that our efforts are the most important thing and that is how we can lead the way. Others have said that everything should be left to the heavens and that if we surrender ourselves to something beyond human power, our destiny will be turned around.

Neither idea is ever wrong, and sometimes it seems like the path is being paved that way. However, on closer inspection, I think that most of the time, both of them have used their strengths to overcome their predicaments.

The road is opened by 80% of your own power and 20% of other power

In light of this, I think it is necessary to be 80% self-reliant first. If you don’t have the mind to realize and aim for the solution by your own efforts, the path will not open up.

It is not possible to get results without any effort and without doing anything. According to the Law of Cause and Effect, there is always a cause that precedes the result and leads to the result, so there is no way to open the way without effort.

However, there comes a time when you hit a wall that you can’t help even if you are 80% on your own. That’s where the remaining 20% of the other power comes into play.

For example, how can we make high-level decisions and judgments when such walls stand in the way?

Other power is given as inspiration

It’s all about “inspiration”. Inspiration is “something that suddenly comes to mind”. This is exactly the great power of other power.

Inspiration is given to us in the form of spiritual suggestions that are not visible to the eye.

Specifically, for example, words may pop into my head, or an idea that I hadn’t thought of before may suddenly flash through my mind. It is not something that you create on your own, but something that is being sent to you by some spiritual being.

That someone is most likely to be a guardian spirit. Each one of us always has a guardian spirit, and although it is invisible to the eye, it is sending us inspiration to work hard to keep us from going astray in life.

Inspiration in the higher dimensions can only be received with earthly efforts

And it’s not just the guardian spirits that are trying to inspire, but even higher dimensional spirits as well.

However, if the view of life that you have cultivated is of a lower level, you will not be able to receive inspiration from a higher level. Therefore, it is only when you have 80% of your own power that the other 20% of your power becomes meaningful.

By developing one’s character through one’s own efforts, one will be able to receive advanced inspiration from the heavenly world accordingly.

Thereby, the power of the great other power is brought down. Then it will be possible to carve out your destiny.