Food Allergy and Past Life Relationships

Life's Troubles

The cause of so-called “allergies” is often spiritual.

For example, in the case of food allergies, the person may have had an experience in a past life in which he or she became seriously ill or died of food poisoning when eating the food.

This experience may have left a strong aversion in the person’s soul memory. This may manifest itself as an allergic reaction to the food in this life.

Allergic reactions to certain foods, whether fish or meat, are not only a matter of physical incompatibility, but also a soul memory of a bad experience of eating it in a past life, which may come out as a rejection reaction.

In such cases, eating with a sense of “thank you” gratitude for that food may cure the allergy.

When we are allergic to a food, we tend to feel a sense of avoidance first, but food is innocent.

It is easy to be thankful when we think about the fact that we are receiving the life of whatever food we are eating.

We do not have to force ourselves to eat it, but if we are allowed to eat it with gratitude, we will not be repelled by the memories of past life experiences in our soul, and our allergic reactions may be cured.