Release the love as a child of God within ourselves

Children of God

Live honestly to your heart

Each of us is the energy of love itself.
However, we often have a hard time realizing this.

How can we come to the thought of love and live in love?

The answer is to open ourselves as children of God. It means to live honestly in our hearts as God’s children.

When you live honestly in your heart, the energy of God as a being of love will be full of joy and will release the vibration of love into this world.

Throw away self-regulation and self-limitation

When we try to live honestly with ourselves, we tend to be timid.

We think, “If I say this, people will think I’m crazy.”

“I could be very much a public bash.”

That’s the kind of self-regulation we do.

But instead, live honestly in what you really want to express and what pleases your soul. In other words, we have to shed our self-limitation.

Because deep down we all inherently want to express love as the energy of God’s love.

The first step in this process is to realize that we are children of God.

In that process, we may have bound ourselves tightly with various chains, like self-limitation.

But we can break free of those chains. As we express the thoughts of our honest hearts, we can regain our true identity as children of God!

The vibrations of God’s love flowing through our hearts

In the heart, there is a path that leads to God.

There’s the energy of cosmic harmony flowing into our hearts.

There’s a vibration of God’s love flowing into it.

It never comes from the outside, but it’s something you notice as you go deeper into your heart.

To live without pretending to be one’s own heart.

That is what liberating love is all about.

When you live honestly with yourself as a child of God, you will find your true happiness.