Smiling Is An Expression Of Love

How to Live a Happy Life

I like Starbucks and go there often. When I order something, the clerk smiles at me and makes me feel happy. Perhaps it is because of their job that they are trained to do so. In fact, smiling makes people feel happy, doesn’t it?

Treating people with a smile is an expression of love. Some people may think that they have to do something special to express their love, but there is no such thing. Simply smiling is enough to make people feel warmth and ease their minds.

It may seem like a small thing, but love dwells in those small things. Love dwells in the small things of everyday life. Mother Teresa also said that smiling at someone is an expression of love and a wonderful gift to that person. She also said that we can’t do big things, we can only do small things with big love.

Let us all put aside our cold faces and smile together.