When I Feel Connected To The God Of The Universe

God is the Energy of Love

Encounter With God Perceived By Each One Of Us

I am sometimes asked about encounters with God, so I would like to share with you how I think about it.

I believe it is a very personal thing, something that each of us encounters and feels individually. It is not something that can be forced, nor is it something that everyone should feel in the same way or in the same manner.

It is up to each of us to believe in the existence of God or not. However, when faced with the certain fact that the Universe exists not only on this Earth, but also in the solar system and among many other stars, I cannot believe that they were born spontaneously and by chance, and exist on their own.If they exist on their own, why, for example, do the stars shining in the night sky not collide with each other and remain in harmony? If they exist on their own, why, for example, do the stars shining in the night sky not collide with each other and remain in harmony?

It is the same for the solar system, and considering the fact that there are said to be countless numbers of things similar to the solar system in the Universe, there must be some kind of will at work, some being that transcends not only us humans but also the stars and makes the entire Universe exist. I think it makes more sense to think that way. I believe so.

The Being That Creates, Lives, And Nurtures The Macrocosm

Existence means that there is someone who created it, right?

For example, the house we live in was created by assembling various materials from nothing at first, creating a single-family home or an apartment building. And it is not that they are just created, but someone is taking care of them, maintaining them and adding the necessary touches.

If that is the case, then, although on a completely different scale, the existence of the macrocosm implies that there must be a being who created it and gave birth to it, and that there must be an overwhelmingly great being beyond us human beings who keeps everything in the macrocosm alive and nurtures the life of all things. I believe that this is God.

If we could expand our consciousness to the Cosmos, we would be able to sense the Divine Consciousness of the Universe itself, but that is usually not possible. However, there are people like Buddha and Jesus Christ who actually experienced the expansion of their consciousness to the Universe at large, and there are others who say that the macrocosm is shaped just like a human being. Some people say that God created human beings in His own figure.

Love That Fills The Universe

In any case, it seems to me that there is a fundamental energy flowing from every corner of the entire Universe that exists from within and nurtures all life, as a being far beyond us, and that is what makes the Universe what it is.

If you have a family or children, you may well understand that to live and nurture them is love itself.

For us, the scope of love is limited to our own family, but if we consider the scope of the entire Universe, we can see how overwhelming and large in scale it is. And how small we are. I think about that.

Vibrations Of Love Flowing From The God Of The Universe

I said that I believe that our encounter with God is personal and that each of us encounters and senses God in our own way.

So how do I sense God’s presence? In my heart, I call out to the God of the Universe. “Thank you, God, for always keeping us alive and nurturing us.” I give thanks for my own existence now as a call to God. Then the vibration of love, the energy of love, flows into my heart like a wave. It may be a little different in nuance from an electric current, but I feel something like a spiritual current flowing into my heart like a fine light.

It is not something special, but something that can be felt by anyone, and I think it flows naturally when one is in tune with the divine love of the Universe. This is in accordance with the law of wavelength sympathy. If you expand your consciousness to melt into the Universe and tune your heart’s wavelength to the love of God, it will flow in through the energy of that love.

The vibration of love flows like a response to the call to God. It does not matter how far you are from the Universe, if you open your heart with gratitude to God, it will flow in an instant and you will be able to feel it.

Connecting With God Of The Universe

Encountering God, for me, could be said to be synonymous with sensing a connection with God.

It is the energy of love that animates and nurtures the macrocosm. It is not something to see, not something to hear, not something to touch, but something to feel. It is something that flows in naturally if one is in tune with the love of the Universe.

In this way I perceive the thoughts of God and sense His presence.