Life Originated In The Universe – Where We Come From And Where We Are Going

God is the Energy of Love

Life Dwells In The Body

Where does our life come from?

Each human being is fertilized because of the existence of both parents. Then, in the mother’s womb, cell division is repeated, and the baby is born.

It is certain that we are born into this world because we have a father and a mother. However, if we trace our physical ancestry all the way back to the past and ask whether the first body long ago is the origin of life, it is not so.

Life dwells in the body, not in the body itself or the life span of the body.

Why Morning Sickness Happens

Life is a soul. In our physical body, the baby’s soul enters the body about three months after conception.

Morning sickness often occurs because the vibration of the baby’s soul is different from that of the mother’s.

Sometimes morning sickness is severe, and sometimes there is no morning sickness at all. The more different the vibrations are, the worse the morning sickness is.

The mother is accepting into herself a soul that is different from her own, and this soul gap is manifested in the form of morning sickness. In this sense, a woman’s womb is a spiritual and sacred organ that accepts the soul.

Where The Soul Comes From And Enters The Body

So where does the soul come from? Where is the soul before it enters the baby’s body?

It does not just appear out of nowhere and accidentally inhabit a physical body. The soul has a world in which it lives, which is the so-called other world.

In the afterlife, each soul lives there in a kind of village. Around them live people of similar vibrations to themselves, and they talk and sometimes learn something from each other while interacting with people from other villages.

So there we live for eternity. We are born into this world with a part of our soul dwelling in our body for a time in order to deepen our soul’s learning, to grow and evolve.

The Ground Is A Place For The Soul To Train

We learn many things in the other world. The ground is there to test whether or not we can actually put them into practice.

If what we have learned in the other world cannot be put into practice in the physical world, we will say, “I didn’t really understand it,” and we will have to relearn it.

In this sense, the physical world is like a training ground for the soul.

The Soul Evolves And Grows By Being Born On The Ground

By being born into this world, we have the opportunity to meet people that we would not be able to meet in the other world.

When we each return to the other world, we will find that it is inhabited by people who have similar ideas and values to our own. This is because, under the law of attraction, people of similar vibrations gather and live there. In such a situation, it is difficult to meet people who have different values and personalities.

This world, however, is a place where all kinds of people from the other world are born in one place, the ground. You can learn from people who are much more evolved than you as a soul, and you will have many opportunities to encounter people who have different personalities than you, which will broaden your learning. In addition, through these differences in personality, one’s own personality becomes clearer, and one can see a direction of evolution that one was not aware of before.

In other words, being born on the ground leads to evolution, growth, and expansion of one’s cognitive abilities that cannot be achieved simply by being in the other world.

We Are Reborn Many Times From The Other Side To This World

Of course, being born on the ground does not always lead to the evolution of the soul. Because life is entrusted to the soul that is born on the ground.

Will it grow as a soul by living a life rich in love, or will it forget love and degenerate, driven by the ego? It is entirely up to the individual to decide what kind of life he or she will lead.

No matter what kind of life you lead, when you return to the other world, you will look back on your life. And we will reflect on what we need to reflect on. After a while, we will be born again into this world in another time with new challenges.

In this way, we continue to live, growing and evolving our souls as we are reborn many times from the other world to this world.

The Source Of All Souls Is One

Where, then, does our own life itself, our soul, originate?

For example, every river has a headwaters. The river flows from the headwaters to a lower place, where it divides into various small tributaries. Those tributaries may change their names depending on the tributary, but if you go back to the headwaters, you will find the point where it first began. That is where the river began, with water gushing out of it and so on.

In the same way, if we trace each soul back to its origin, there is a one source. Just as a large river branches off into various tributaries from there, new souls are born by branching off from the original soul.
The souls that branch out exist as independent souls with new personalities and roles. In such a chain of branching, a wide variety of souls have been born, and all souls are born from a single great source.

The time when each soul is born into the tributaries is different, but just as the water of a river is connected from its source to its tributaries, all souls are connected to each other in a deep and unifying way.

Soul Is The Energy Of Love With Individuality

What is the soul anyway? It is an energy of love that has its own personality.

The soul does not exist only on this Earth. It exists throughout the entire Universe, spreading out in various ways from the energy of love that fills the macrocosm, the source of the soul.

Souls are carved out one by one from that energy of love, and each is given a unique individuality.

No two souls in the universe have the same individuality. Embedded within each soul is a role that only that soul can fulfill.

All Are Children Of God And Manifestations As Part Of God

The overwhelming energy of love that created and keeps alive everything in this macrocosm. That is the being we call God of the Universe. God does not exist separately from us, but every soul is a part of God, and each is a part of God’s great body of consciousness, also known as Oneness.

The source from which all souls have been created is God himself. The reason humans are said to be children of God is because each one of us is a part of God, a body of energy of love that has been divided from God.

This is true not only for us human beings, but also for animals, plants, the stars of the Universe, and everything else that exists as a manifestation of God, as God’s children.

Toward God, The Source Of The Universe

The origin of our life is the energy of great love that fills the cosmos.

We ourselves are the various manifestations of that God’s love energy, and we are the life that we are.

We are beings on an eternal journey back to God, the source of the Universe, and there is no end to our life.