The Green Planet Called Orion Part 1


The Green Star in the Orion Nebula

In the massive migration to Earth so far, about one billion people from stars in the Orion Nebula have come to Earth.

That was about 270 million years ago.

There are many stars in the Orion Nebula, and I’d like to talk about one of them this time.

They’re carrying plants to the stars of the universe

For convenience, we will call it Orion. Its planet is very green and full of the harmonic energy of nature.

While Earth is a blue planet, Orion is a green planet. It is a planet that carries plants and plant seeds to the stars of the universe.

What do you think the meaning of plants is?

When you have a lot of plants growing, you create oxygen, right?

And it is only by having oxygen that living things can survive. If it is a plant, it grows, leaves its seeds, and dies. And then new sprouts appear again.

In other words, oxygen is created, which creates a cycle in nature. Then the planet becomes stable.

So the plants create a cycle in nature, and that’s what makes us stable as a planet.

They have migrated to various stars in the universe and contributed to the evolution of the planets

The planet Orion is also a planet with many leaders.

They have teamed up in a sort of divine service project and migrated to various stars in the universe and are working to contribute to the evolution and development of that planet.

And then there are people who come to investigate the activities of their peers who have migrated to that planet and have a role to play in reporting back to their home planet.

The city has a mission and a role to play

Houses in Orion are also very different from those on Earth.

It is said that Orion’s houses are designed to take in the energy of the source of the universe through their homes.

The houses are not densely populated like those in big cities like Tokyo, but rather, each house is separated from the other, and the homes are laid back and relaxed.

When a town is built, it is built in harmony with the whole and in accordance with the mission and role of the town. The city itself has a mission and a role to play.

You could say it’s an idyllic feeling, like a rural landscape on Earth.