Question from God

Children of God

What is the question from God?

What is it that we are being thrown at and spoken to by God?

It is simply, “As a child of God, can you love one another?”

Can we respond to that question from God by not just thinking with our heads, but by living with love in our lives?

That is the question that is being asked of each of us.

There’s no one set answer to the teaching of love

The teaching of love doesn’t have one fixed answer.

God is not asking us to do anything difficult, but He is telling us to learn what it is to love in our own lives.

The kind of answer we come up with is completely different for each person.

The only criterion for loving deeds is whether or not love is flowing at the root, and the specific deeds will manifest themselves in a thousand different ways from person to person.

Forgiveness for each other

For example, that might mean forgiving each other. It means never blaming the other person for the mistakes they make. It means not judging the other person for being a bad person.

People like to create virtual enemies and fight them, don’t they?

It’s about creating evil on the outside to counteract what is wrong inside of you, and by fighting it, you are trying to make yourself blameless.

The most important thing is what’s in your heart.

There is both heaven and hell in our hearts. It is important to always reflect and reflect on what you are feeling.

The pain and stupidity of war is etched in our souls

And it is the human heart that causes wars.

One stage of learning is that there is still a war going on in the Earth.

In such hurts, we have engraved in our souls the pain of war, the folly and sadness of killing each other.

However, those days are coming to an end, and it is time for us to change into the world of the unity of light as God’s children.

At that time, the question is always asked of each of us, “Can you love one another as God’s children?