Connection With The God Of The Universe

Children of God

Some may think that we are thrown to pieces in this world and live meaningless and worthless lives. But the truth is not so. Everyone is needed by the God of this Universe, and each of us is directly connected to Him with our hearts.

You may think that your life belongs only to you, but in fact it does not. Each of us exists with a share of God’s life, and life is not our own, but God’s. It might be said that we are entrusted with a part of God’s life.

Each of us is part of the God of the Universe and exists as a manifestation of God’s life. All of each being is connected as one and lives as part of a larger body of consciousness.

For God, there is no more distinction between Himself and us. Everything is a part of God Himself, and in His overwhelming thought of love, He is animating and nurturing all life in the macrocosm.

Each one of us is directly connected to God, and everyone is a small manifestation of God and irreplaceable. It is not only true for me, but for everyone else as well. Each one of us is irreplaceable, precious, and has a special power that you do not have.

No matter how lonely you may feel right now, you are connected to the God of the Universe through your heart, and through that same connection to others, we are all connected as God’s children.