How to Determine Your Life Goals in the Next Life


How do we determine our life goals in the next life?

Question: After we die and return to the other world, how do we decide what our life goals will be in the next life? Will we be able to freely choose the country where we will be born next?

Answer: We all come into this world with challenges, and after we return to the other world, we will look back to see if we have been able to complete those challenges.

If you were able to tackle and clear the challenges, then you will be reborn in the next life with new challenges. On the other hand, if you were not able to complete the task, then you will have to tackle the same task again in the next life.

In school, there are regular exams, right? In school, there are regular exams, and if you get a failing grade, you have to take another exam.

This life is like a testing ground for your soul, a place to see how well you can do what you have learned.

In addition to the tasks that we were unable to accomplish in the previous life, there are also things that we would like to challenge ourselves to do better, so we set goals for the next life based on those things in the afterlife.

The theme of our life is decided in consultation with our higher guidance spirits, who act as our teachers, and with their advice, we choose the environment necessary to achieve that theme and are born again.

Of course, the country and ethnicity in which we are born is also determined by our own choice of what we think is the best option.